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November 02 2012


Be a Photographer!

How to be a Photographer!

A pal recently asked me how he would be able to become a professional photographer, and that got me thinking - a lot of individuals wish to begin down this interesting path, that might end up being a rather unique and gratifying job or pastime. If you would like to learn, or are even thinking about digital photography, read on!

Step 1: Find and Buy a Camera!

Before you can be a photographer, you clearly need a digital camera. You have probably seen many available for sale online, so this can be a good starting point. Google search for cameras with great reviews, and prices you can afford. Seeking out a buddy who has past experience with a certain camera can additionally help. Create a list of pros and cons for all your top choices before you buy one.

Step 2: Develop Yer Technical Skills

You'll need to find or download the user guide to your camera before you can really start. If you choose to just 'wing it', you will greatly reduce your ability to be a great photographer. Most people we perceive as genius photographers have actually spent immeasurable hours studying and refining their talent. If photography is worth it to you, you must consider that point. Search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc are your best friend, and you should find a computer nerd friend to show you how to efficiently learn online by searching. This might seem boring at this point, but it will be worthwhile, trust me.

Though important, studying isn't everything after all, so you'll also need to take loads of images. Try purchasing a devoted hard drive just for images, so you won't be tempted to restrict your photo sessions because you're worried about running out of hard drive storage space.

Discover other photographers who inspire you, and weigh up your images to their own, looking for ways to improve your technical and storytelling abilities. Learn how to be a photographer by their examples, but just do not completely replicate them.

Step 3: Assemble Your Portfolio

The more photographs you take, the better you will get - that's just common sense. So make sure to always take lots of photographs each month, and keep track of them on your computer. Make yourself some directories that contain the best monthly, weekly, 3 monthly, yearly, all-time, etc photographs that you've taken, so you can not only see your progress but be able to manage your very best.

You can use your folder layout to take the best photos you have shot, and put them into your portfolio. You can then show your portfolio online. While outside the extent of this article, you can somewhat easily find free places to host your photography portfolio online, just by searching or asking friends. Eventually your end-goal preferably should be to have an official dot com, and you can actually find hosting plans for fairly cheap if you look hard.

Step 4: Get the Message Out

Don't forget that you'll need a profile on the popular social networking web pages too. Facebook and twitter are quite popular right now, but don't disregard other networks. You probably want to at minimum include ones you hear that your pals or prospective photography customers are on. Don't forget to customize each account with your bio, photos, and links back to your primary site. You can market every one in addition to your primary site and see even more results.

Your voyage to being a great photographer will not ever end. Never stop learning, or you will get left behind. Always aim for bigger and better photographs, techniques, marketing, and ideas. It can be a long and difficult path, but in the end I really think its worth it when you learn how to be a great photographer.

Even while we realize this write-up is definately not complete, we hope it has helped you out in some way to becoming a legitimate photographer. If you found this useful, remember to show your support by giving us a link and a tweet. We bid you the best in your voyage towards great digital photography!

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